Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cameroon Link Men’s Initiative Profile

Connect to “Not For Fathers Only” at
Be Part of E-exchange for Men’s Working Group
• Participate and tell your stories.
• Network and link with youth, men and women around the world.
• Be a catalyst and make the changes you want to see.
• Support mothers worldwide.
• Share experiences and learn from others.
• Where and how to reach mothers and babies around the world.
• Are there others like me?
• MWG e-newsletter. Individuals and organizations supporting fathers, mothers and families across the world subscribe to the newsletter.
• MWG e-newsletter is produced two times a year in English and French.
• Write to the newsletter about:
1. Men’s Initiative Snap Shot
2. Father, Mother and Community Support
3. Infant and Young Child Feeding
4. Exclusive Breastfeeding/Resources
5. Calendar of events and conferences
6. Breastfeeding news around your region or country
7. Your feedback
If you have any story or news to share, please write to:
MWG Blog Editor: James Achanyi-Fontem
For more on Cameroon Link Men’s Initiative, please click on the following links Watch You Tube at

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